Sunday, December 16, 2012

Turkey Gobbler Wrap

I first noticed the Turkey Gobbler Wrap at Trader Joe's around Thanksgiving, while picking up some last minute items for the holidays. I almost bought one to have for lunch, but decided to opt for another wrap instead. I love wraps, but turkey wraps (in my experience) tend to be overtly dry. And the stuffing either seems to be dry, or soggy and past its prime.

When I noticed the wrap again during a recent trip to Trader Joe's, I figured why not give it a try? Besides, my mother was with me, and she'll eat just about anything, so it wouldn't go to waste if I didn't want it.

After checking out and getting into the car, I finally looked at the ingredients. The Turkey Gobbler has turkey, stuffing, cranberries and cream cheese. ...Wait, what? This is definitely not the standard "Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Jelly" wrap that seems to be just about everywhere around here. And cream cheese, not mayo? I was intrigued. I then realized there was a little container of gravy like substance tucked into one opening of the wrap (which you can't see very well from the outside of the packaging).

I've never been a fan of gravy, so that's most likely one of the reasons I tend to hate thanksgiving style wraps. Let's face it, the gravy is probably the saving grace for many people that would otherwise hate how dry those wraps truly are. So I was quite surprised to take my first bite and find the perfect blend of creaminess, moist turkey, cranberry tartness and strangely fresh tasting stuffing. Nothing at all was dry, and the flavor combination was heavenly. It's now my favorite wrap from Trader Joe's, and quite possibly my favorite wrap ever (which is saying a lot, trust me!) As for the gravy, as a gravy hater, I was pleasantly surprised when I nervously dipped a corner of the wrap into the sauce. The gravy was very milky, and offered a nice richness to the wrap. As for my mother, a gravy lover (borderline obsessed, really), she loved the wrap with the gravy, but still thought it was fantastic without it.

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  1. Eating one now . . . delicioso!! Not sure about the gravy yet, but the sandwich by itself is fantastic, as you've stated.