Friday, December 14, 2012

Sweet Potato Fries

I love sweet potato fries (who doesn't?), even though I've never been much a fan of regular fries. I tend to only really enjoy them at restaurants, and homemade and frozen versions rarely seem to work out so well. After having luck with the Alexia Brand Sweet Potato Fries (LOVE their waffle version!), I decided it was time to try the Trader Joe's version.

The large 15 ounce bag (about 5 servings...And when they say 5 servings, they seem to be right on with this, only cost $2.29! About one third the cost of similar products found at the grocery store. And less than half what I pay for the Alexia brand (which I would consider to be equal quality.)

After coming home and realizing the price, I had convinced myself there was no hope for these sweet potato fries. So when I finally got around to cooking them, I was baffled to find that they were not just good, but are now my favorite frozen sweet potato fry. They had slightly crispy exteriors, with soft interiors, just the way I like them. And considering the price, these are definitely an ABSOLUTE must buy.

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