Wednesday, January 2, 2013

(Frozen) Lasagna Bolognese

I've had a few different types of lasagna at Trader Joe's, and overall my experiences were good (some were even excellent). I've had the refrigerated Lasagna Bolognese from Trader Joe's before, so I decided recently it would only make sense to give the frozen version a try.

I'm a fan of the refrigerated version, even though it's admittedly nowhere near as good as a homemade lasagna. As far as grocery store lasagna though, it's probably my favorite.

However, whatever works so well in the refrigerated version, seems to be lacking in the frozen version. The consistency of the egg noodles seemed a bit off, the sauce had an unpleasant aftertaste to me, and there was something peculiar about the meat in the sauce (but I can't quite put my finger on it). Not only was I not fond of the flavor itself, it seemed a bit overpriced at $3.49 for a one serving frozen lasagna. And by expensive, I mean by Trader Joe's standards.

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